• One hundred ways to enjoy ume fruit.




    Reservations are accepted from 2 weeks until one day before the class.

    Please be aware that customers with reservations will be given priority.

    The bottle cap is not completely sealed off. If not vertically stored, the liquid may leak.

    This product is NOT suitable for air travel.

  • Ume was brought to Japan about 2000 years ago.

    Revered among Japanese for its health benefits,

    the usage of ume (whether it’s food provisions for warriors, natural remedies, or luxury items)

    has been evolving with the passage of time.


    Designed in contemporary style in Kyoto –

    a world-famous city where ancient cultural legacy coexists side by side

    with technological innovation,

    we at the「CHOYA」ume specialty shop are committed to

    continuing old traditions by preserving and passing down

    this Japanese culture of ume to future generations with the motto,

    “Culture that nurtures relationships between people”.

  • MENU


    CHOYA Ume Kit

    Prepare your own ume syrup or ume liqueur with this easy-to-make kit.

    You can choose your favorite type of ume, sugar and alcohol to prepare at the shop or at home.

    ※ CHOYA Ume kit includes a bottle, ume, and sugar (※ alcohol is sold separately).


    Small (1 drink) 1000 yen~

    Medium (3 drinks) 2000 yen~

    Large (6 drinks) 3000 yen~


    ●According to Japanese law, only people aged 20 and above can purchase alcoholic products. We kindly ask everyone to bring their ID for age confirmation.

    ●The bottle cap is not completely sealed off. Please be careful when transporting the bottle to avoid liquid spillage.

    ●In case of the CHOYA Ume Take-Away Kit, ice packs can hold up to 2 hours. If prepared at the shop, there is no time limit.

    ●Ingredients available for purchase: ume fruit, sugar, alcohol.

    Takeout Drinks

    We prepare refreshing to-go drinks made with ume syrup.

    Don’t forget to crush the frozen ume’s juicy pulp for even more fruitier taste!



    Hot drinks -> JPY 400

    Mix choices: hot water, black tea, and green tea

    Iced drinks -> JPY 500 (※comes with a frozen ume fruit inside)

    Mix choices: soda, still water, black tea, and green tea



    • Address: 108 CASA ALA MODE ROKKAKU 1F, Horinoue-cho, Nakagyo-ku 604-8117 Kyoto, Japan
      7 minutes by foot from Karasuma Oike Station (Subway Karasuma Line)
      8 minutes by foot from Karasuma Station (Hankyu Kyoto Line) or Shijo Station (Subway Karasuma Line)
    • Open Hours: 11: 00 AM - 7: 00 PM
    • Holiday: Obon holidays in August and New Year holidays in December-January